Training Benefits


There can be many benefits to having a well trained CNC Operator/Technician, these are a few that come to my mind.

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  • produces higher quality parts
  • performs setups faster
  • overall more productive
  • more likely to accept ownership
  • machine may have less downtime
  • more conscious about tooling costs
  • utilizes tooling more efficiently
  • understands inspection methods
Button Pusher type operator:
  • requires a lower wage to fill position


Another typical scenario is a company that tries to do the training internally. Here’s what the company may experience:
  • basic skill requirements are not established for new guy
  • quality of time allotted for the training of the new guy
  • training may be rushed as the guy training has other things to do
  • interference in the training due to changes in work load
  • new guy has to “figure some things out” on his own time
  • new guy has no resources for any follow up training
  • companies that experience a high turn over of operators
  • did the person doing the training receive training from a qualified person

If you have anything else to add feel free to send it to me

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