CNC Contractors


Rick Lucchetti
  1. 43 years experience of setting up, programming and operating cnc machines.
  2. Controls includes all Mazak controls and most Fanuc controls.
  3. CNC Machine recommendations
  4. tooling recommendations
  5. prove out new processes or tooling
  6. extensive machining experience on lathes and mills
  7. Can provide setup sheets, process sheets and tooling recommendations
  8. I can provide cad drawings that are Auto Cad compatible
  9. New operator training as well and experienced operators on new equipment
  10. on site or off site programming
  11. Currently retired and part time CNC Instructor and Consulting and Training.

Bob Johnston
  1. retired from Mazak after 31 years
  2. all Mazak mill controls M1, M2, M32, MPlus, Fusion, Matrix,SMOOTH
  3. all Mazak lathe controls T1, T2, T32, TPlus, Fusion, Matrix, SMOOTH
  4. New operator training as well and experienced operators on new equipment
  5. Extensive machining skills on lathes and mills.
  6. CNC Machine recommendations
  7. Pallet pools, Integrex Lathe, Mills and Horizontals
  8. Currently retired and working at CNC Consulting and Training.
  9. Bob has 42 years of experience setting up, programming, operating CNC machines.

Alan Wasilewski

Completed 8000 hours with TMA customers

  1. Strong at programming setting up and operating Haas CNC
  2. Current owner of Waz Precision Components
  3. Provides training on all Fanuc CNC/HAAS controls
  4. Provides CNC Process engineering
  5. provide macro programming when applicable
  6. Master Cam and Gibbs Cam programmer
  7. Considered one of the top programmers in the mid west
  8. Does Haas training, lathes and mills.