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I encourage everyone in manufacturing to find and use all your resources to your advantage, it will save you time and money over the long haul. Find knowledgeable tooling sales/engineers that know how to apply their tooling in an efficient and cost effective manner and don’t be afraid to ask them to do some training with the operators on tool use. Find a good Application Engineer that has experience in whatever application you are trying to improve on, cycle time reduction, cnc operator training, programming, setup time reduction and more…

Lathe Insert Identification

Tool Repair and Special Indexables …one of the best tool repair shops around

Tap Shank Sizes …info on shank sizes for taps

Tap Drill Sizes …Unified thread info for proper drill size prior to tapping

Tap Drill Chart… inch/metric

Formulas …some useful formulas for machinists

Lathe Tool Descriptions… various types of standard stick tools

Useful Web Sites

Symbol Training Institute…website source for training CNC Operators

Integrex Machinist…website made for the Mazak Integrex user

CNC Concepts Inc. …great website for CNC products

Insert Data …insert nomenclature

Turning Tools …picture of turning tools

Machine Shops for consideration

Waz Precision Components …rapid prototype and machining work

Cad Products

NC Plotting software

Draftsight cad software

Mazak Programming Software


CNC Editor

Automation Products

EZ Pull Bar PUller

CNC Documentation

CNC Machine and control manuals

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